Volunteer Opportunities

Due to the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic, we are not accepting day volunteers at this time. We hope to open back up soon. Please watch our Facebook for any updates or announcements!

The Sisters welcome volunteers to help them in their monastery services. From working in the care center to assisting in the liturgy office, you can do it all! If you are looking to take your involvement a step further, you can check out our Residential Volunteer Program. 

Some of our normal day-volunteer opportunities include:

  • Participating in activities with our Care Center Sisters
  • Working the Reception desk
  • Alternating our corridor artwork/displays
  • Assisting in the office
  • Gardening with the Sisters
  • Filling bird and squirrel feeders
  • Baking and preparing food in the kitchen
  • Helping in the movie library

Please contact Sister Phyllis Hunhoff with any questions at phyllis.hunhoff@yanktonbenedictines.org.